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Listen as grocery shopping analyst John Karolefski discusses self-checkout terminals on The Doug McIntyre Show with Deeann Tweeden, KABC Radio in Los Angeles.

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Protein2o, Inc. is a Chicago-based maker of an extensive line of protein-infused drinks. Because I like something besides plain water to quench my thirst, I was eager to try their Protein2o drinks.


I love the taste of these beverages, which are free of artificial sweeteners, lactose and gluten. The drinks are refreshing. They give me a low-calorie and low-carb alternative not only to water, but also to protein shakes.


The nutritional credentials are impressive: 5g of sugar per bottle and 10g to 15g of protein (20-30% of the daily protein requirement!), depending on the flavor. And there are only 60 calories in each 16.9 oz. serving.


The line of flavors in this line of beverages are Topical Coconut, Mixed Berry, Harvest Grape, Classic Lemonade, Wild Cherry, Peach Mango Dragonfruit Blackberry, Kawaiola Coconut and Acai Blueberry Pomegranate.


I love protein shakes, and now I am a fan of these lighter protein drinks to keep me hydrated throughout the day.  

-- Lynne Cooke


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