Grocery Stories tells stories about grocery. Its goal is deceptively simple: Inform and amuse people. For example: Why are shoppers having temper tantrums while using self-checkout machines? How should supermarkets celebrate National Grapefruit Month? How cool are the new COOL regulations for food? What exactly are the new COOL regulations?


Shoppers need to know.


Grocery Stories is written by veteran journalist John Karolefski who has covered the grocery business for over 25 years. He has edited several trade journals and co-authored five business books. He has been a featured speaker at grocery gatherings, and has appeared on radio (CBS and BBC) and on television (CNN) to discuss grocery marketing.


Karolefski tramps through a countless number of supermarkets around the world in his spare time. He has lots of stories to tell.


Share your grocery stories with us!  // John@GroceryStories.com


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